To the Dean

of the Faculty of History and Philosophy

History of Romanian, World History and Archeology Department

Moldova State University

Prof. Ion Gumenȃi


Accreditation of the degree programme

Licenciate in Humanistic Studies “History”                                                                                                    26.06.2015 /hrm


Dear Professor Gumenȃi,

I am pleased to attach to this letter the decision of the AQAS accreditation commission on the successful

accreditation of the Licenciate in Humanistic Studies “History”. Attached to the decision you will find the expert

report on the accredition. AQAS will forward the docu-ments via mail to you within the next three weeks.

The accreditation is conditional and limited in time until 30th of September 2020. The accreditation will be withdrawn in case the conditions are not fulfilled before 31st of March 2016.

The experts and the accreditation commission gave recommendations for further improve-ment of the programme. Contrary to the conditions, the university is not compelled to follow the recommendations. In case of a reaccreditation by AQAS we will, however, assess whether and how the university has used the recommendations to further develop the pro-gramme.

The enclosed experts’ report will also be shared with the expert group. Furthermore AQAS will publish it on our webpage ( and also register the program in the list of accredited programmes.

AQAS provides a digital logo for successfully accredited programmes which may be used by the university for marketing purposes. You will find the logo in the download section of our website.

Dear Professor Gumenȃi, let me use this opportunity to thank you for the trust of your uni-versity in AQAS and the good cooperation we practiced in this successful procedure. I look forward to our future cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Doris Herrmann

Managing Director






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